Shrewsbury Food Festival

30th June 2013

The weekend of the 29th-30th June bought around the newest food festival in the area: Shrewsbury Food festival.

It took place in Quarry Park and around town in Shrewsbury and bought together food producers from all over the local area. Not to mention this, there was also craft stalls, live music and restaurants across town offering small tasting portions of their meals allowing guests to sample several if they wanted (beautifully named ‘ Restaurant Safari’)

A live demonstration stage offered guests the chance to watch and learn from great local chefs, including the fabulous Will Holland of La Becasse, the stage viewing area was understandably packed with onlookers throughout the weekend.

One of my other highlights was the cute cows, pigs and their offspring in pens in the middle of the park – great for children and adults alike to coo over!


Cow and Calf


Pig and Piglets

The Park was packed and we spent a good few hours wandering around the many producers and there were certainly some stand outs for us, which I will mention later on. The food we ate from the stalls dotted around was also first class.



Snacks wise we had a wrap from The falafel wagon – delicious, and also sampled some of the food on offer from the Peach Tree Restaurant. Between the four of us we sampled all they had to offer, and the feedback was a resounding sucess.


Korean Belly Pork and Noodles from The Peach Tree


Vietnamese Chicken Baguette – Spicy!


Queue at the Falafel Wagon


Falafel Menu – wish we could have tried more

We washed it down with a couple of glasses of homemade lemonade from The fresh lemonade Company – must admit we weren’t man enough to try the chilli one, but the pink and the lime versions were very refreshing!


The fresh lemonade company

There was a great display of food and drink on offer, and I could have bought a whole lot more than we did.

As promised above, a mention for some of our favourite stalls and producers that we found.

Simply gorgeous Artisan Goats Cheese from Brockhall Farm – we bought some of the CapreNouveau, but we tried a bit of all of them and they were all delicious.


Brockhall Farm Cheese


Our slice of Goats Cheese Goodness had some great sauces on offer, we went for the coconut and lime one.


Chilli PIckled Onions

Coopers gourmet sausage rolls had some brilliant flavour combintation on offer ( ) we got 4 of these and they’re all gone already, as well as the scotch eggs from!


Variations on the traditional scotch egg!

We also bought a great ‘Tartiflette’ Pie from Plenty Pies and had a few delicious ciders from Ralphs Cider ( )

Who could ask for more, sunshine, friends, food and drink, bring on the Shrewsbury Food Festival 2014!

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