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A Retro Weekend in Aberdovey

12th August 2013


A few weekends ago one of my good friends invited me an another friend to stay with her for the weekend at her families’ chalet in Aberdovey, Wales. I’d been to stay before but not for about 10 years and those memories of teenage summer visits were foremost in my mind…ice cream, beaches, crabbing….


My friends chalet and views from it

Luckily my friends and I decided we haven’t grown up at all and we were going to do all these things again maybe with a few added extras!

To start it all off, when I arrived about 830pm on the Friday night after driving up straight after work ( my friends had arrived earlier in the day)IMG_2710 I found waiting for me all the ingredients to make some home-made pizza’s, and possibly more importantly, a bottle of pink bubbly! My friends had spent some of the afternoon making the dough, so all was left was for us to finish of the toppings and whack them in the oven. Great fun, and reminiscent of the birthday parties of another friend of ours who couldn’t make it to Wales – we always did ‘make your own’ pizza with her when we were young. The pizzas were great and we spent the night gossiping in front of MTV and a countdown of the 50 best 90’s hits!


When cooked!


With some salad

The next day dawned in glorious sunshine so we delved into our long list of ‘outdoor’ activities my friend had planned! First up we drove to a local waterfall – Dolgoch falls. There is a lovely shortish walk to the falls, up over the top and down the other side. Our childhood throw back at the falls was a game or two of ‘pooh sticks’.Who doesn’t love that?!


Dolgoch Falls


Our pooh stick entrants

On our way back to Aberdovey we then stopped off at the Halo Factory shop for their famous honey ice cream, sitting outside on the picnic benches.


Honey Ice Cream

We then headed to the beach – and a lovely one at that, called cemetery beach. You get to it by crossing Aberdovey links golf course (and watching carefully to make sure you don’t get a golf ball in the head on the way over!) It’s a vast expanse of sandy beach and really was a gorgeous sight. We set up camp on the dunes and spent a couple of hours reading, chatting, paddling and ended up with a games of ‘boules’ which reminded me of my french camping holidays of yesteryear!


Looking across the golf course to the beach


Beach Fun


Cemetery Beach



We then met up with a few extended family members of one of my friends and they treated us to a nice cream tea up at their grand hotel which hit the spot nicely.


Cream Tea for 8?

To end the day we indulged in a spot of crabbing (my choice!) For those that don’t know, crabbing is hanging a crab line with bait on the end off a pier/sea wall and hauling up crabs into a bucket then throwing them back at the end. Great fun! We had a good couple of hours of laughing at this, being a bit freaked out by the bait and going all girly when a crab threatened to fall off the line near our feet rather than in the bucket!



We ended up the day with some traditional Fish and Chips on the harbour front , or rather in the car on the harbour front as the heavens opened as we were eating!  A fabulous couple of days and just a shame we couldn’t have stayed longer. It really is a lovely part of the UK and one which deserves more exploring. Next year girls?


Fish and Chips out of the paper, how it should be!

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  • Reply adventureswithgravel 12th August 2013 at 23:19

    You’ve pretty much blogged our upcoming August bank holiday weekend in Aberdovey. I hope we get as much lovely sunshine!

    • Reply the foodie couple 13th August 2013 at 06:48

      Have a fabulous time!

  • Reply The Lu Life 13th August 2013 at 16:13

    All I can say is YUMMM!!! I want that honey ice cream, that tea (especially what looks like scones!), those crabs and that beautifully fried fish!!!

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