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Tried&Tested: Jo Wheatley’s Cinnamon Buns

12th August 2013

I’m relatively new to baking and don’t own many baking books so when I came across Jo Wheatley’s Home Bakingimages book and flicked through it, it seemed like one that would suit me with a good variety of simple and more complicated recipes. I didn’t used to like the flavour of cinnamon when I was younger but its definitely one that I have grown into and now think is delicious. This being said, I decided to try the recipe for Cinnamon Buns last weekend. I haven’t done much cooking with yeast, and having to prove things etc so I thought it would be a challenge! The yeast we had in the cupboard was traditional yeast that needs activating, rather than the easy bake suggested in the recipe, but I followed the instructions on the tin! Things didn’t really seem to be going that well when the dough didn’t really seem to be changing in size and so I left it a bit longer than suggested. The second prove, and again there wasn’t much happening! I carried on anyway and cooked the buns, and although they tasted lovely they were quite stodgy!  I hadn’t a clue what I’d done wrong and then hubby suggested checking the expiry date of the yeast…….

No surprises what I found, the yeast was a good 18months out of date, so I’m blaming this for my lack of rise! Told you I don’t cook much with yeast. So lesson learnt, next time check expiration dates of things you don’t use very often. I’ll put the pics up anyway!

IMG_2598 IMG_2605 IMG_2608

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