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Tried&Tested: Nigel Slaters’ Coconut Chilli Chicken Curry

26th August 2013

IMG_2800I love cooking curries from scratch. Even though you can get some great jarred sauces now with really authentic tastes, nothing beats the aromas you get from doing it all yourself in my opinion. We had some chicken thighs in fresh, so decided to use these up. Having a quick look online at the BBC Food website I came across a really simple looking recipe by Nigel Slater for Coconut Chilli Chicken which looked mouthwatering.

I took out the apricots in the recipe and decided to put in some onions as well. So, in the recipe at the same time as browning off the chicken, I also softened some coarsely chopped onion, and added this back in to simmer with everything else. I served it with some basmati rice, chopped coriander, and some home made raita.

Serves 4


Lemongrass: 3 short, plump stalks
Fresh ginger: 50g
Hot red chillies: 2 small
garlic: 2 cloves
Coriander: a bunch
Limes: 2
Groundnut oil: 1 tablespoon, plus
A little more for the paste
Tomatoes: 200g, roughly chopped
Fish sauce (nam pla): a tablespoon
Dark soy sauce: 2 tablespoons
Chicken: 8 thighs
Apricots: 8
Coconut milk: a 400ml can

The method is all online so I wont type it all out again but click here for how to do it! The website even has a video of this one so if you get stuck…refer to the master himself!


Frying off the paste

It only takes about 20mins to prep and then about 30mins cooking time, so its really easy to do, unlike some curries which take an age to make!

Happy eating 🙂


Simmering for about 20mins

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