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Tried&Tested: Jason Athertons' Braised Ox Cheek, Horseradish Mash & Roasted Bone Marrow

13th November 2013

IMG_3481Hubby and I have always been pretty avid Saturday Kitchen Fans, although we do have to admit to fast forwarding through the re-runs of some of Masterchef and Great British Menu! I like the balance between live cooking, foodie films, the banter between a lot of the chefs and am always intrigued to find out what celebs foodie heaven or hell ingredients are! A few weeks ago one of both our favourite chefs, Jason Atherton, was cooking and we LOVED the look of the dish he made. It seemed a perfect Autumny Winter Dish. I’m loving slow cooked and braised pieces of meat at the moment so it seemed only right we have a go at re-creating it. The dish he made was Braised ox cheeks with roasted bone marrow, horseradish pomme purée and roasted carrots.

We managed to get hold of some bone marrow and ox cheek from our lovely butcher at Packington Moor Farm Shop and while we were there also picked up some fresh carrots and Wilja potatoes. I’ve recently started trying to avoid supermarkets for all but the essential store cupboard and cleaning items and am trying to shop locally at independent places, grocers, butchers and farm shops. It’s a lot more fun and it’s nice to try to put something back in to the local economy.

You can find the ingredient list and recipe for Jason’s dish on the BBC Food website here

We made a few small changes to the recipe; firstly we swapped potato type as mentioned above and we don’t own a potato ricer for the pomme puree so used a traditional mashing method which worked just as well, although does mean you have to put a bit of effort in to get the mash smooth and creamy. We also left the port out of the marinade/sauce. We thought the sauce was delicious and rich, we certainly didn’t miss the port. Lastly we substituted horseradish cream for normal jarred horseradish. We used 1 large tbsp, which left a suitable tang in the mash but you could certainly add a little more if you’re big fans of the taste!


Marinating the Ox Cheek


Brasing the meat


Bone Marrow ready to roast


Carrots in the Butter

The meal was really really tasty and the bone marrow was an excellent and different addition to the meal. Overall a heart-warming, satisfying replacement for a traditional Sunday lunch. Yum.

Happy eating 🙂


Close up!



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