Random Recipes #35: Dare to Bare

10th December 2013

randomrecipes2When I saw this months challenge from Dom over at Belleau Kitchen I was really excited to take part. We had to take photographs of our ingredient/larder cupboards and ‘dare to bare’ what lies within. Now all my larder ingredients are stuffed into lots of cupboards and shelves and actually (I’m pleased to say) are relatively tidy at the moment due to a burst of autumn cleaning, rearranging and general tidying! My husband and I spent a gleeful weekend in October decanting all our half bags of flour sugar, rice etc into lovely shiny kilner jars which made us both very happy. Small things! Dom also asked us to tell everyone a little about some of the things inside, our favourite items etc…

So here we go!

I guess my larder ingredients span over 4 cupboards and one rack! First off Ill show you my spice rack. This metal rack is attached to the wall, and to be honest overflows regularly, so much so that the slightly lesser used things have made their way into a basket which is in the cupboard in the next pic! The jar that is trying to launch itself out of the middle row is sesame seeds – a recent obsession of mine that I have been using a LOT when I’ve been experimenting with Far Eastern flavours.


Next onto the ‘condiment’ cupboard as I like to call it. On the top shelf we have a basket of random spices, all my dried chillies and other herb and spice goodies. There is also a bag of Masa Harina flour lurking there at the moment waiting for me to do something Mexican with it! On the bottom shelf are all my bottles of vinegars, oils, chutney etc. Another couple of my favourites lurking here – an almost empty palm sugar at the front, and further back an all time love – Henderson’s relish. I adore this stuff and use it as any other person might use normal Worcestershire sauce. I put it in tomato sauces, stews, casseroles, on cheese on toast, in soup. Can’t get enough of the stuff.


Third is my draw of tins and cans. In here lurks tins of beans, chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, stocks, unopened condiments sauces and chutney that are queuing up to get opened and go in the fridge. Also a few random things for baking like evaporated milk and mini marshmallows!! At the moment there are also some chestnuts and a jar of goose fat waiting biding their time until Christmas.


Almost there now and onto my recently reorganised cupboard. Β On the top shelf here we have a basket filled with dried fruit, nuts of every description and bags of lentils, cous cous etc. On the bottom shelf are my shiny kilners of flours and sugars and a few baking bits.


Last but now least we have a couple of corner shelves that house pasta, rice and noodles.


So there you have it, a window into my soul (or kitchen)! Thanks to Dom for making me have a delve through all my stuff, I’ve found some gems I’d forgotten existed and I look forward to noseying through all your cupboards soon too!

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