'Chocolat Pod' Masterclass

19th December 2013


“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.”

John Q. Tullius

I love this quote that I saw on the Chocolat Pod website! A few Saturdays ago I went to a hen do of one of my friends, and as part of the afternoons entertainment before our night on the town, a chocolate making class had been arranged! It took place in a large hotel board room and was hosted by Chocolat Pod and produced more laughter than I could have possibly imagined!


The people who ran the course were Ray, a master chocolatier, and his son Luke. They were really knowledgeable and entertaining and it was a great way to spend a few hours.

IMG_3511 We learnt how to make our own chocolates, from making the ganache, how to keep the mixture from splitting and how to pipe..( the latter producing hilarious results because of the haphazard appearance of some people piping looking decidedly like a certain bodily function….)

IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519

We also had a masterclass in how to temper chocolate ( a fiendish task!) and lastly got the chance to decorate and coat all our chocolates to take home to friends and family.


The bride to be!

IMG_3524 IMG_3523 IMG_3527 IMG_3530 IMG_3525

I would definitely recommend this workshop for a party, event or celebration for a group of people and it was a great way to start our own hen do celebrations. Check out the company’s website for more information.

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