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Tried&Tested: Jamie Olivers Sticky Kickin Chicken

21st April 2014


This is one of the recipes from Jamie’s 15 minute meals book. We whipped this up on a Saturday night after a busy day and it really was pretty quick, but took us about 20mins rather than the 15 stated. We’re just not organised enough!!

You can find the recipe over on a recipe file site here, and on quite a few blogs on the net already. We made a few changes to the salad ingredients, swapping out the gem lettuce for a mix of rocket and watercress, and added in a bit of cucumber as well. The watermelon worked really well in the salad with the spice of the chicken and coolness of the herbs. It’s not something I’m that keen on usually on its own, but in a salad it really comes to life.

The recipe worked well and the chicken was sticky, spicy and delicious. We used boneless wings and a chicken breast as well as thighs and this was fine. The part of the recipe that didn’t really work was frying off part of the noodles to crisp them up – we couldn’t get them to work, they kept clumping and sticking together. We thought we had the right kind of noodles, but maybe we’ll try a different sort next time. The dressing for the salad was the highlight for me, having a thai slant on it. I would definitely make the dressing again for a salad even when not making the rest of this recipe.

Overall, the recipe tested pretty well with the exception of the noodles. I think that was probably a fail on our part though!

Happy eating 🙂





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