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Foodie Things to do in…Lichfield

26th July 2014


Lichfield is a lovely town only about 10 minutes drive from where we live. Actually I should say that Lichfield is a lovely city, because it has the most gorgeous medieval Cathedral right at it’s heart which is seriously impressive inside and out, and worth a visit.

The centre is really nice, it does have it’s fair share of modern shops, but manages to retain a quaint charm in my opinion, with some gorgeous old listed buildings and Georgian architecture. It was also the birthplace of Samuel Johnson, the author of the first dictionary, and Eramus Darwin. The city is also home to the modern Garrick Theatre, named after David Garrick the author and playwright who was also from Lichfield.




I really love the city and its one of my favourite places to wander around. From a food perspective, Lichfield is rich pickings as well, if you know where to look (which is a little deeper that Apres and the Wetherspoons that are the most noticeable….)

Firstly lets start with the markets. There is a farmers market on the first thursday of the month and a general market 3 days a week, which you can often find fresh fruit and veg at as well. There is also an annual food festival (not surprising as everywhere seems to have one now) but none the less I love them, this years is on 30/31st Aug.

A whole host of cafes can be found in Lichfield, both independent and chain. I have three  favourites. Firstly, for nostalgic reasons is the The Tudor. This building dates to the 1500’s and is gorgeous. Its very traditional and also has a counter at the front serving handmade chocolates and treats. My nan used to take me here a lot when I was younger and on our way out after having a drink she would always buy me a sugar mouse. I was glad to see the sugar mice are still available when I popped in recently!



The other 2 I love are The Spark, and a newer addition, 15 on the corner. The latter of these does some great food and also does Friday Supper Clubs. Oh and there’s also The Lounge – worth a try too!


Lichfield also has a great Butchers shop with lots of local meat, including pork from Packington Moor, only a mile or so outside Lichfield with its own amazing farm shop (now thats a post for another day!)

Evening eating wise, theres lots of places to try, from the well established Chandlers Brasserie, a great Thai place in Ma Ma Thai, good Indian at Eastern Eye, French and British fine dining at The Wine House and tapas at the 3 Amigos. But watch out, theres a few duds in there as well. (We would avoid Ego Meditteranean and Thai Rainbow…)



The only thing  I find Lichfield to be missing is a great delicatessen. Unless theres one hiding somewhere I haven’t found? Do tell me if so….!

Do you have a favourite place or thing to do in Lichfield? I’d love to know.



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