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Tried&Tested: Madhur Jaffreys Goan Chicken Moelho

6th August 2014



I recently bought Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Easy book for a complete steal of £1 in a charity shop. Almost pristine condition, I reckon I got a bit of a bargain! I’m a bit of a charity shop book fiend really – the amount of great book bargains you can find is amazing! Cookbook aren’t cheap and although I do buy some brand new when they first come out, I love a browse to see what gems I can find.

The first thing I have cooked from this book was this Goan Style Chicken Moelho. This curry is similar to the vindaloo, with lots of chilli.

The recipe calls for boneless chicken thighs, but the short cooking time allows the use of chicken breast instead, which I did.

You simply mix together all the spice ingredients, which include paprika, cayenne, cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric and salt with some red wine vinegar and garlic and marinate the chicken in this. Then its a case of simple frying some onion, adding the chicken mix and then some water and sightly more vinegar and simmering for a few minutes.



It was really delicious, with quite a dry heat to it and so simple to follow and make. Unlike some curries, there is not much sauce to it as such, but enough. I also added a dollop of creme fraiche and some of Geetas Pomegranate and Mango Chutney, which makes up for the slight lack of sauce. By the way, if you’re looking to try a new chutney to go with curries, the one I’ve just mentioned is simply the best I’ve tried in a long time.

A definite success, and the title of the book certainly fits this recipe! The full recipe is not online, but has been reproduced on a couple of websites if you Google search for it.

Happy eating 🙂



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