Product Review: Beauty & Go Drinks

15th March 2015

BEAUTY & GO are a new range of cosmetic juice drinks, and are set to launch in Selfridges this March. This venture is the result of a collaboration between two renowned family-owned Spanish companies: NATURA BISSÉ, a trend-setter in the world of luxury cosmetics, and AMC INNOVA, a leader in the research and development of functional beverages and the principals of natural bioactives.

Bioactives are a biologically active substances that have a positive effect in your body. All BEAUTY & GO drinks are packed with a selection of bioactive ingredients aimed at keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, protecting cells against oxidative stress, stimulating skin regeneration and contributing to maximum skin’s firmness and elasticity.
Among these ingredients, there are MacroAntioxidants®, other natural antioxidants from skin of fruit and a selection of vitamins and minerals specifically beneficial for your skin. These Bioactive Beauty Drinks are also enriched with other beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen or citrulline.
 With this in mind, the two companies pooled their expertise and launched 4 specific beauty drinks for each type of need that skin has: Anti-Ageing, Vitality, Radiance and Detox. The perfect accompaniments to enhance beauty treatments.

Selfridges and the company were kind enough to send me a few of the drinks to try out – all but the detox one. A few facts about the drinks:

  • Low calorie – 35kcal per 100ml
  • sweetener added from the stevia leaf.
  • No refrigeration needed.
  • Suitable for coeliacs, diabetics and pregnant women.
  • No artificial colours and no preservatives.

Now I’m no beauty treatment addict, but I do like the odd facial now and then, and as a matter of pure coincidence was booked in for one last weekend! I was interested to see if the having one of the drinks after the treatment would make me anything feel different. The Vitality drink is with the skin of mandarins, and also contains pineapple, ginkgo bilboa, green tea and baobab. It is said to revitalise, invigorate and have anti fatigue effects. It was this one I took with me to my facial appointment. It had a lovely flavour and was an easy drink, although I’d hesitate to say it made me feel or look any different. I’m probably asking too much though if I expect them to make me look radiant after just one! DSC_0002


The main ingredient in the Radiance drink is from grape peel, also with rosehip and is meant to hydrate and illuminate. The Detox drink (skin of pomegrantes and lemon, as well as cucumber and artichoke) purifies and cleanses. I wasn’t quite as keen on the flavour of the radiance.

DSC_0006   DSC_0012

The final one I tried was the Anti Ageing, and lets face it, I’m getting to the age where this sort of thing is going to start becoming important to me! It has pomegranate hibiscus and raspberry as its main ingredients and I could really taste that sharp raspberry tang coming through, and was probably the most acidic of the three I tried, very nice, although the Vitality remained my favourite.


I enjoyed trying out these beauty drinks, and I think they would be something I would look at on a regular basis depending on the price point. They’re now available in Selfridges, so go and take a look for yourself and find out what they’re all about!

Disclosure: I was sent 3 drinks free of charge to try. I was not expected to write about them in exchange.

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    How can I buy your products? I’m living in Houston Texas, USA.

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      Hi- unfortunately I don’t think you can from the states currently!

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    How can i buy them ? I live in melbourne , australia.

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    How can I buy beauty and go detox, ? I living in Canada

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      How can I buy beauty and go radiance in the United State?

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