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Sumo Bowls at Yo! Sushi

5th December 2015

This year if you’re looking for a warming and filling meal whilst out on a Christmas shopping spree or a refuelling pick me up after a night out, Yo! Sushi are bringing back their Sumo Bowl to fill the gap for you.


Spicy noodle soups have even been proven to have healing properties with the perfect mix of salts, protein, and carbohydrates to get rid of that sore head!

We popped down last week to our local Yo! to try a couple of the Sumo bowls (although we couldn’t resist ordering a couple of favourites too!)

There are 7 Sumo Bowls to chose from

Miso Dumpling Ramen / Rice: Steamed vegetable gyoza, tasty ramen noodles or rice if you prefer, in a warming miso broth, with a dash of chili sesame oil.

Miso Dumpling Ramen Sumo Bowl

Spicy Seafood Udon / Rice: Seafood heaven for fish lovers, succulent shrimps, salmon and squid, with colourful vegetables, thick udon noodles or rice if you prefer in a spicy broth.


Beef Curry Ramen / Rice: Tender beef, colourful vegetables, tasty ramen noodles or rice in a hearty curry broth, with a dash of chili sesame oil.

Tofu Katsu Curry:  PETA award winning, Tofu Katsu Curry with rice, in a mild creamy curry sauce garnished with spring onion.

Chicken Katsu Curry:  Chicken Katsu Curry with rice, a mild creamy curry sauce, garnished with spring onion.

Prawn Katsu Curry:  Prawn Katsu Curry with rice, a mild creamy curry sauce garnished with spring onion.

Beef Teriyaki: Crispy premium beef glazed in tasty teriyaki sauce.

I tried one of the Spicy Seafood Udon Sumo Bowls – the fish was really tender and I really enjoyed the flavour. It’s not something that I would usually choose, so I was glad I expanded my horizons a little. Lee went for a tried and tested favourite, the Chicken Katsu, and it didn’t disappoint. The size of the bowls is really decent, and particularly the ones with rice are really filling.


For the sake of trying things out – we ordered a 3rd bowl to share – the Beef Curry Ramen. I loved the flavour of this, and the chilli sesame oil really pimped the dish up,  although I found the beef just a tiny bit chewy. Not so much that I wouldn’t order it again though.

One of my favourite dishes at Yo! Sushi is the Beef Teriyaki on its little yellow plate, so the opportunity to get this on the large scale is very appealing and i’ll certainly be going for this on our next visit.

Sumo Bowls at Yo! Sushi cost £8.00 and are available now!

Disclosure: Yo! Sushi sent me some vouchers to go and try out the Sumo Bowls. Images are property of Yo! Sushi. All opinions our own

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  • Reply nadiashealthykitchen 6th December 2015 at 17:24

    I LOVE Yo Sushi, and Japanese food in general! Everything you mentioned sounds delicious! I definitely need to go and try one of the Ramens or Katsu curries, yum!!!

  • Reply familyfriendsfoodblog 6th December 2015 at 21:36

    I could really fancy a massive bowl of noodle soup right now…

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