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Decorating Our Nursery

18th May 2016

Something just a little different from me today. As people that follow me on social media may have gleaned, Lee and I are expecting our first baby this summer, and are obviously a little excited and terrified in equal measures! When we started this blog it was always intended for it to be our little corner of the internet to document and record our life adventures. At the time these were mostly related to food, and still are, but obviously this has changed and evolved over the three years it has been going and will continue to even more over the next few I excpect!

With this being said, we write about what we want to, what makes us happy and what we do in our lives, so you can probably expect some family and baby related blogging to start interspersing itself with the food and travel stuff that you already see!

We really loved redecorating our spare room and turning into a little space for baby G when they arrive so wanted to share a mini tour of the room and what we have done so far. We now have all the main bits done, although theres a fair few little finishing touches still to do when we come across the perfect bits and pieces.

We started with the painting – keeping it simple with 3 walls in Antique White from B&Q and one wall in a pastel yellow colour. We ordered the Cotbed from John Lewis – opting for a Silver Cross Portobello which should last several years, being able to convert into a bed as well.


Also from John Lewis we invested in a Sleepyhead Portable Baby Pod – coming highly recommended from several friends with children this is a little pod that you can put in a cot that baby sleeps within when little, and can also be used as a separate bed, useful for using downstairs or for travelling.


The chair you can see in the first photo is one we’ve had for a while, a standard model from Ikea which we have spruced up a little with a gorgeous patchwork cushion from Next.


Also from Next was this multicoloured pastel rug which brightens up the carpet a little bit more.


We picked up a couple of bits of furniture from Ikea as we weren’t looking to spend too much money, and weren’t worried about everything matching! This changing table and wardrobe together cost less that £150.



I like the simple one door sliding wardrobe as you can display things on the shelves on one side if you wish, or just put lots of things in boxes and hide them away instead if you’d prefer!


The cuddly toys you can see on top of the wardrobe and in any other photos are all mine from when I was little and growing up – very well preserved by my parents I must say! All now freshly washed and awaiting their new owner!

Also from Ikea we picked up this storage unit – its not the prettiest in the world, but we were keen not to have too many things with heavy drawers and this seemed a good solution.


The lampshade we came across in B&Q and thought it suited the jungle type theme we have in the room, theres a matching wallpaper border that we have to put up above the cot too at some point.


We’ve also invested in some wall stickers to Jazz up one of the white walls – the beauty of these is that you can peel them off and move them around, and even easily get rid of them when they are no longer wanted! As you can see we still need to get some curtains and some of the other walls need a little more TLC with some pictures or likewise but it’s coming on pretty nicely.


One picture that is already up is this gorgeous cross-stitch of a bear dressed as a bumble bee. Done over 30 years ago now by my talented mother it had pride of place in my bedroom when growing up and has now found itself a new home in her grandchild’s.


Lastly, we came across this Beatrix Potter door plaque at our local garden centre and just couldn’t resist picking it up. I adore Beatrix Potters books and characters and this just seemed a lovely find when we weren’t expecting it.


We’d love to hear about your favourite picks for your nursery and any gems you’d recommend. Let us know in the comments!

Roz & Lee 🙂

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  • Reply Laura 18th May 2016 at 10:21

    Another massive congratulations to you both, such an exciting adventure (I’m awaiting reviews of baby food). Love the nice and joyful yellows and jungle theme – although, is that an Aston Villa bear on top of the wardrobe? It’s probably survived better than the team has! 😉

  • Reply knattster 18th May 2016 at 15:13

    Congratulations! Great to read through your tips as my first is due on 18 July and I am nowhere near as organised as you! Hoping to get the nursery done in the next couple of weeks – just finishing off some building work first.

    • Reply the foodie couple 18th May 2016 at 19:04

      Some might say I’m too organised!!! Good luck with doing yours! X

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