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Review: Katies, Tamworth

6th September 2016

I’ve probably mentioned before on the blog that where we live in Tamworth is a little bit of a desert for good eating, although I will admit that this is slowly improving (very slow!) A recent addition to the town centre is a small cafe/restaurant called Katies. After hearing great things about it from Birmingham Breakfast Club and our neighbours we decided to try it out. It’s very small (only 7 tables) and only open in the day time but when we popped in for lunch we were impressed with the quality of the food.


They serve an all day breakfast/brunch type menu, alongside a few more hearty dishes. Looking at the offerings on paper you wouldn’t get too excited, the dishes are pretty standard (meatballs, fajitas, salads and sandwiches as well as breakfast) but the quality of the food and the obvious care put into it makes for a thoroughly decent meal.

They have an ultra modern flash coffee machine, so Lee was happy to drink a really good coffee, while I had an Appletise, they also do smoothies and juices and a range of other teas and soft drinks.


Off the brunch side of the menu, Lee had Eggs Royale whilst I had the simply named Chicken Salad from their lunch options.


The eggs were perfect with a sharp hollandaise and even some added spinach made this a great version of Eggs Royale and whilst the ingredients in my salad were pretty standard, the perfectly cooked and seasoned simple grilled chicken breast on top of the chopped ingredients with a tangy dressing heavy with lime and coriander made a virtuous lunch a pleasure to eat.

The food going out to other tables looked equally as good so I’m looking forward to going back and trying a few more things. Think booking at the weekend though will be a must in such a tiny place!

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