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Kitchen Bites #18 October 2016

2nd November 2016
kitchen bites

Well, another month has flown by! I love Autumn though so have been loving long walks in the park and getting the slow cooker out again! We’ve tried some really lovely and unusual products and gadgets this month so without further ado…

First up is some lovely apple juices from James White Drinks. They sent across a few things for us to try – they have a range of classic apple juices, including Russet, Cox and Bramley and a couple of fusions, one with Summer Berries and an Elderflower one.


I like how it’s not just ‘apple juice’ but specific juice from different apples, you can forget how all different types of apple actually have very different and distinct flavours. My favourite I think was the Cox Apple juice and the Apple & Elderflower.



They come in small and large bottles, perfect for taking out and about or the bigger one for the fridge. They use filtration techniques borrowed from the wine world, and have developed and fine-tuned these clear, pressed juices for over 20 years.


Also from James White we tried out these Zingers!

There are four lively flavours full of fragrance and heat – Organic Ginger, Xtra Ginger, Lime & Chilli and Turmeric.

The Organic Ginger Zinger offers something new and really different – a caffeine free alternative to wake you up. Made with 26% pressed ginger, 57% apple juice and water. The Lime Chilli Zinger packs a punch – and a 100% organic punch, combining the fresh sharpness of pressed lime juice, hot chilli and apple juice.


The Turmeric Juice Zinger is pressed in Suffolk and they have added black pepper, lemon and a little chilli to give the zing. Something new and totally different I adored the lime and chilli one, which I would buy over and over.


Next up we received a Thermapen to try – which is a digital food thermometer. This is perfect for accurately checking the temperature of meats and fish, and with Christmas approaching what better way to test it than with that troublesome Christmas Turkey!


It provides an accurate reading in under three seconds and is available in a variety of exciting colours. I’ve really been enjoying using it, as I’ve always been a little nervous about making sure things like chicken and turkey are cooked properly without slicing into them!

RRP from £48, it would be a great Christmas pressies for the budding foodie in your family.


Speaking of Christmas ( well, it is November now so it’s allowed right?) I love drinking Baileys at Christmas so was excited to try out this Baileys Chocolate Luxe. It didn’t let me down and is absolutely devious. I’ll be making some Christmas cocktails soon with this and some classic Smirnoff Vodka.



An unreal treat next, we sampled a range of products from Chika’s. Their range features vegan-friendly, GMO and gluten-free products.


We tried out the Plantain Crisps, Chickpea Crisps, Sea Salt and Black Pepper Cashews, as well as Smoked Almonds and Hand-toasted Peanuts. They are made with the highest quality natural ingredients and packed with West-African seasoning and spices.


I must say that I really loved all of the range and could especially snack on those plantain crisps and the cashews all night long!


CHIKA’S is perfect for those seeking a healthier, tasty and authentic snack, and as they packed with West African flavours you don’t miss out on taste.

Last up this month but certainly not least was a range of condiments from Sinclair Condiments Co. Now every that knows me well knows I’m a complete condiment fiend, especially flavoured ketchups and chilli sauces so these were right up my street! Sinclair is a relatively new company that only started up 3 years ago and I’d not tried them before so was really looking forward to them!


They do three types of chilli sauce, Smokey Naga, Scotch Bonnet and Jalepeno and Lime. I’m really liking all of them. The Naga blows my head off a little, so this one might last a while, but I’m already a good way through the other two. The Scotch Bonnet is really fruity with the heat which I love and I love the Jalepeno one on fish.


They also do three ketchups; Smokey Chipotle, Banana and Roasted Red pepper. I must say I was doubtful about the banana one, but it was very moreish and fab on a sausage sandwich. The Smokey Chipotle though was my favourite of the bunch, and packed a fair punch too.

Disclosure: This post contains products that were sent as samples for consideration of review. If you are a brand that would like your products featured in my Kitchen Bites, please get in touch at

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