My Top Three Home Hacks

6th February 2017

I don’t know about you, but in the new year, with spring fast approaching, I always think it’s about time to try and get my house (and life!) in order. I do love a bit of a spring clean and reorganise and love scouring Pinterest and the like for ideas and suggestions to make keeping everything shipshape easier! So when the team at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their #HomeHacks campaign, designed to reveal the best tips and tricks of some of the Midlands’ top bloggers, I was happy to share a few things we do in our house.

  1. Using salt and a lemon to deep clean your chopping boards

As someone that really likes to cook, there’s one thing that always really gets to me and that is the way that lots of foods stain or leave odours on our wooden chopping boards. Chorizo is a particular culprit! That was until a good friend of mine shared one of her top tips – using salt and a lemon to give them a deep clean, and this has been one of my top home hacks ever since. Simply scatter a small handful of salt over the board, cut a lemon in half and use the cut end to give the board a good scrub – works a treat, stains and odours gone and a bonus lemon scent lingering on !


  1. Arrange clothes vertically in drawer rather than in piles

This is something that has only become a hack in our house over the last 6months but has literally revolutionised my life! Instead of having piles of tops and jumpers in drawers and either never wearing the ones at the bottom or having to rifle through the pile for what you want, leaving the drawer a total mess, folding them and stacking them vertically means you can see everything you have ALL THE TIME! I started doing this with just my little girls clothes but now have done our drawers too. It’s fab and looks loads better too.


  1. Keep duvet and sheet sets inside a pillowcase

Lastly, a way of keeping on top of your linen closet. I was forever loosing pillow cases or sheets that from matching sets which really annoyed me when it came to making the bed, so now when a duvet cover and matching sheets & pillow case set has been washed and dried, it all gets folded up and stashed in a pile INSIDE one of the pillow cases. This way when you next go to use that set, everything is there at your finger tips and you don’t need to go rooting through the closet to find all the matching bits!


Have a look below at this short video of some of our hacks!

What are your favourite #homehacks? I’d love to know- please let me know in the comments !

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