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Review: Hot Woks Noodle Bar

8th February 2017

Despite living pretty close and it being where I grew up,  Sutton Coldfield is not somewhere we often venture to anymore, especially since our favourite tapas restaurant changed hands then closed down, but last weekend after Imogens swimming lesson we popped over in search of some new stationary (they have a Paperchase!) and some yummy fast food.


Step up, Hot Woks, a new noodle bar that opened only about 6 weeks ago. It’s only a little place, but does have four tables and a few seats at the counter so you can eat in, or if you wish you can take away. The concept is pretty simple – you choose the type of noodle or rice you want, the protein and the sauce and then your dish is cooked from scratch. There’s also appetisers and specials too.



They pride themselves on the quality of their locally sourced meat and homemade sauces with absolutely no MSG.

We chose a couple of their popular appetisers – Schezuan Spring Rolls and Chicken Gyozas. Both were light and tasty, and not greasy. A must for that type of fried food.


I went for the Vermicelli noodles with chicken and Pad Thai sauce whilst Lee also went for Chicken but with the Rice Ribbon Noodles and Chinese BBQ sauce. Protein wise you can also get Prawns, Slow Cooked Beef, Quorn, Tofu or Mushroom and they have loads of sauces including Teriyaki, Garlic Spare Rib, Laksa, Kung Po and more.



We both thoroughly enjoyed our noodle dishes and it was great knowing that the sauces weren’t filled with additives and fake flavour. The portions were really generous and really filled our post swimming void.

Hot Woks is a lovely new offering for Sutton and would be great for lunch on the run, a post work bites to eat or a weekend take out feast!

Disclosure: We were invited down to eat at Hot Woks and the meal was free of charge, we were not asked to provide a positive review. 

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