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Kitchen Bites #20 and a rather exciting new gadget!!

23rd February 2017

Welcome back to the first Kitchen Bites of 2017!  We’ve a few interesting new products in the Foodie Family Kitchen this month, so I’ll get straight into it with a rather exciting new gadget that we’ve been trying out, just in time for one of my favourite food days of the calendar – Pancake Day!

I’ve only ever seen traditional style crepe machines on food trucks at fairs and street food events so hadn’t really imagined you could buy them for your own kitchen, so when Breville got in touch asking me to try out their Traditional Crepe and Pancake Maker, I was pretty happy to oblige!


It’s a stand alone machine that simply plugs into the mains and is pretty lightweight too. It comes with a T-stick spreading tool so you can really look like a professional! You can choose from 5 different heat settlngs, and it gets to temperature in only a minute or two. It took me a few goes to get to grips with the spreader tool, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can produce really perfect thin crepes. The instruction booklet comes with some recipe ideas too, or you could try out one of my favourites, Traditional Crepes with Coconut Cream and Fresh Raspberries.


Make a simple crepe batter – 125g plain flour, 2 eggs and 200mls milk with a pinch of salt and whisk until smooth. Then simply top the warm crepes with coconut cream – 1 small tin of creamed coconut with 100ml double cream added and whisked until soft peaks form and scatter with fresh raspberries.



Or try making luxurious chocolate crepes by adding 15-20g of cocoa powder to the batter and topping with bananas and caramel sauce.


I loved trying out this gadget and I’m sure its going to get much more use next week and in weeks to come – after all, do you need an excuse for a pancake?

Next up are a couple of sauces from Meat Lust. Buffalo Sauce and Green Sweet Chilli Sauce. I picked both of these up in a local garden centre as they looked really funky, and I do love a condiment! Unfortunately I really wasn’t keen on either


photo: Meat Lust on Facebook

With the Buffalo sauce I found it really too sweet and quite gloopy, and I thought the green sweet chilli just left me with a weird aftertaste. Both of them just left me feeling they were quite artificial  in taste which was a shame.

Next up another little purchase – this time a Smoked Corn Relish from We love Man Food. This one certainly hasn’t disappointed and I love the smokey tangy flavour. It’s perfect for all things that involve tortillas – Tacos, Burritos, on Jacket potatoes and much more!


Lastly this month we’ve been nibbling on some fantastic dark chocolate from Chocolate and Love. Founded back in 2010 by Richard O’Conner and Brigitte Hovmond the chocolate fair-trade and award winning, with ingredients sought from across the world and production over in Switzerland.


There are a range of flavours including  Panama, Rich Dark, Mint, Orange, Coffee, Sea Salt and Creamy Dark, many of which have won Great Taste Awards.

The Orange and the Sea Salt were the favourites for me, and although dark chocolate isn’t my chocolate of choice, I would happily eat these two over and over again!


See you next month for more yummy things that have been going on in our kitchen!

Disclosure: The Crepe Maker and Chocolate were sent for consideration of review, other bits purchased ourselves!

If you are and brand or have a product that you would like to feature in my Kitchen Bites please get in touch –

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  • Reply Nordie 23rd February 2017 at 11:51

    I’ve had little handheld electric mixers for years, and I was making a cake mixture ahead of my birthday last month when the engine on one did. Since it was just before my birthday, I got gift vouchers for amazon and brought myself a new Kenwood grown up mixer!

    I’ve made a cake since and it certainly makes a differences – the mixture seemed to be lighter than when done with the little handheld. I’m now petrified to try other cake mixtures in case I over beat them or something, so I’ve ordered the recipie book to go with the mixer (it’s free if you’ve brought the hardware), so who knows where it’ll go!

  • Reply Charlotte lucy (@Charlotte_LucyG) 23rd February 2017 at 18:30

    I really love the idea of a crepe maker but I’m pretty sure if I had one I would never eat anything else! Haha. I really need to have a declutter of he kitchen cupboards though because I have so many gadget type things that we don’t use! Also sea salt chocolate is always on my too try list!

    Charlotte |

    • Reply the foodie couple 23rd February 2017 at 18:33

      We have so many gadgets too- I don’t use most of them more than once a year!!

  • Reply Mary 15th March 2017 at 17:12

    Really interesting to see all the different products out there in the world just waiting to be discovered! There’s so much talent out there with artisans the world over creating unique, delicious, locally sources gourmet foods, and its great to learn more about all that’s out there! Thanks for sharing!

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