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Kitchen Bites #22 March & April 2017

1st May 2017
kitchen bites

March and April have been pretty busy for us on the blog, we’ve been trying out a few new places  eat like Giggling Squid and Sushido as well as trying out some new bits and bobs for Imogen like these bath toys from Vital Baby. But as usual we’ve also been testing out new foodie things in our kitchen. First up this month is a really exciting new cookbook – ‘London The Cookbook’ which looks fantastic.

This book, which has a foreword by Fergus Henderson, is a collection of recipes from some of Londons most Iconic restaurants and locations. Split into sections including classics like Le Gavroche up and coming hip places like The Dairy, markets neighbourhoods and producers. There look to be some really amazing recipes like the one below from The Dairy.

We’ve tried out a couple so far and thereby both been big hits. There’s a good mix of both high end complex recipes and the more simple, so something for everyone, and I’m loving reading about all the restaurants too.

On to some of the food bits we’ve been trying, and the first of these is some new flavours of Doritos! Doritos aren’t always our crisp of choice, but these new Doritos Heatburst sounded right up my street as I love a bit of spice.

The premise is a double wave of flavour – first a hit of BBQ or Chipotle Cream, then a explosion of fiery chilli.


The double flavour was certainly evident, and overall I enjoyed them but they aren’t something  would particularly go out of my way to buy over and over again.

Next up are some herb and spice grinders from KTC. These were a great addition to our pantry as I recently cleared out our spice racks and had to throw quite a lot away as they were way past their expiry dates so we are slowly building it back up again.

The KCT grinders are available in Premium Peri Peri Spice, Pure Ginger Pieces, Premium Everyday Spice, Premium Chilli Flakes, Premium Chilli & Garlic, Pure Himalayan Salt, Authentic Cajun Spice, Premium Garlic, Ginger and Chill, Authentic Chinese Spice, Pure Garlic Flakes, Indian Turmeric Pieces. We tried out the ones below.


The best of these I think was the Peri Peri spice – as its just so versatile, great with chicken, fish and in pasta sauces. The others come in more useful in just adding seasoning to dishes, Ive never seen dried tumeric or garlic pieces so these were interesting to see! I like the sound of the cajun spice too so I’ll certainly be on the lookout for that one.

Last up this month are some juices from Naked.

This new range from Naked features cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, packed full of flavour and things that are good for you!


The first things that struck me was the vibrancy of the colours of the juice – instantly so appealing. They come in three flavours – Bright Greens, Lively Carrot and Bold Beet.

The Bright greens with apple, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, celery, courgette lemon and wheatgrass was my favourite, but I also enjoyed the carrot too. The beetroot one with carrot cucumber lemon and ginger wasn’t for me, but then I don’t like beetroot so no surprises there.


I would certainly buy the Bright Greens variety again, it would be great for a morning pick me up when out and about.

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