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Review: Twisted Burger Company, Sheffield

19th May 2017

Way back when we lived in Sheffield we were frequent visitors to the Harley, for drinking and their live music. However I don’t remember them doing food. Well if they did it obviously want very memorable. Fast forward 7 years since we left the city and we were back in the Harley in search of a tasty lunch and had been tipped off about the great things that were being dished out there by the Twisted Burger Co.

So ravenous after a long walk along Eccleshall Road, up Brocco bank through the botanical gardens and all the way down through the university area we arrived eager for food. The decor was much as we remembered, and as it as the Easter holidays, the lack of student made it quite quiet.

We started off with some ‘Hang up the Chick Habit’ – Confit Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce. It was refreshing not to see the wings covered in sauce already, and the confit process made them sooooo tender with the crispiest of skins.

Burgers wise I went for the Big Chilli Style – Double Beef Patty, Jalepeno Cream Cheese, Chill Jam & Pickled Chillis. This was right up my street, and despite the triple chilli hit did not blow my head off, but was nicely hot! It was certainly one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.

Lee went for a slightly unusual one, Return of the Mac – Double Bacon Patty, Mac’n’cheese, house relish and pesto. He loved the interesting combination and the bacon and pesto and the mac’n’cheese was amazing.

Not that we needed them, but we shared a portion of Pig Pimpin’ Fries – Pulled Prok, Machego cheese sauce & dead twisted BBQ sauce. Mouthwateringly good! I want them to bottle both these sauces and send them my way!!!

Child friendly? Mostly – you can get prams into the main area but some tables are a bit cramped so you would struggle there. They do have a few highchairs and there is a decent changing table in the disabled toilet.

This lunch was certainly not the healthiest(!!!) but it was fantasticly good and I would thoroughly recommend.

Disclosure: Paid in full

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