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New Toddler Snacks from Organix

24th April 2018

Is it just me, or does everyone else’s toddler constantly want to snack? She only 20 month but she knows where the snack drawer is and goes to it about a million times a day!

We try to be as healthy as we can with snacks, with fruit, raisins and breadsticks but sometimes its hard to find quick healthy savoury snacks, so when Organic got in touch to offer to send me some of their new toddler snacks we definitely wanted to try them out!

The Organix Goodies Range has released two new veggie savoury snacks, Cheesy Pea Snaps and Cheese and Onion Lentil Hoops. Both of these boast over 65% lentils or peas, packed full of veggie goodness. All the ingredients are organic and have absolutely no hidden nasties, sugar or salt.

The Pea snaps are cutely shaped like little pea pods and easy for little fingers to grab! Both snacks are mild in flavour, light and very easy to eat.

Imogen has loved trying them both – but I think the lentil hoops have just about become the favourite of the two. She can easily eat a bag in one sitting, and I must admit I’ve been guilty of stealing the odd one or three!

The can be found now in most big supermarkets, so go and check them out!

We were sent these samples to try free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. No further payment was recieved.

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