Escape Hunt, Birmingham

5th June 2018

I’m pretty new to the escape room phenomenon of recent years having done a grand total of, um, 1! Pretty good record so far though, done 1, escaped 1. Go me! So when Escape Hunt Birmingham got in touch to go down and try one of the escape rooms in their recently opened venue I gathered up my escapologist pals and went to check it out.

Escape Hunt is a global company with rooms across the UK and the world, with an actual Games HQ where some fantastic people think up and plan the games over in the Far East. What a cool job that would be! Currently in Birmingham there are two games on offer, with a third planned to open later in the summer.

The Birmingham venue is located near to the old Oasis markets and is a little hard to find. A nervous chat through the intercom and we were escorted up stairs into a beautiful foyer with comfy chairs to relax in and puzzles to play with while you wait. I loved the moody old fashioned decor and it all felt very professional and authentic.

If you’re new to escape rooms like me, this is how they work You can bring between two and six players, you go into the room, the door locks behind you and you have 60 minutes to find your way out solving clues and puzzles as you go. Your Games Master is watching the whole time, to make sure you’re safe (and not destroying the place!) and also to help you a little if you’re stuck.

We decided to play The Finest Hour – We were World War II spies, trying to prevent Nazi invasion and stop the missile launch. I really loved the game, it was much more professional and complex than the game I had done before, and we found it really challenging. The puzzles and clues were all really well themed and extremely well thought out. Unfortunately we didn’t stop the missile launch and this didn’t escape, but we were tantalisingly close – we only had one more puzzle to go and we would have got there, which made us feel a bit better ( well made 3 of us feel a bit better – Leanne!!)

Afterwards we got to chill out for a bit with a glass of prosecco and talk about the game. The games masters are all really keen and friendly which was great too – thanks to our games master Richard and the rest of the escape hunt team for having us! Maybe we will back again soon to try beat the Fourth Samurai!

We attended Escape Hunt for review purposes free of charge. The staff there did not know I was a blogger before the game and I was not obliged to write a positive review

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