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The Funky Bear, Tamworth

26th July 2018

A few months ago, a local pub to us changed hands yet again. The former Owl at Tamworth became The Funky Bear. Those local to Sutton Coldfield would know this from it’s popular site over in Mere Green, so I was hopeful that this might be a great eating option for Tamworth folk. I’ve been three times now since it opened, with both family and friends so I’ve definitely given it a chance. But unfortunately can’t give it the glowing report that it probably wants. Our first visit started of pretty well with a couple of nice tasty starters – Pan fried King Prawns with Lime Chilli and Coriander made me hopeful of things to come.

Lee’s soft set Black Pudding Scotch Egg could have been even softer set, but was full of flavour and livened up with a good piccallili relish. The mustard sauce however was not really needed at all.

It was there on in that things went downhill really. Service was haphazard and slow at best. Their ‘signature’ hanging kebabs may look pretty, but my choice of halloumi barely looked like it had touched a grill and tasted like it too. Lee’s hot dog was a little better, a decent hotdog but with pale and undercooked chips.

Service didn’t really improved throughout and we left feeling underwhlemed but willing to give it another chance, as it had only been open a month or so.

Two visits later, lots more slow and disorganized service, some very overcooked lamb and seabass, and a seriously mediocre Caesar salad ( with a pesto dressing and added sun dried tomatoes which in my book isn’t really a Caesar salad at all!) mean I won’t be running back anytime soon.

Disclosure: Paid in Full on all occasions

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