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Ghetto Golf, Birmingham

19th August 2018

I packed a lot into Lees birthday day out in Bimingham (without le toddler) and among the eating (see: Scotts of Harborne and Comptoir Libanis) was a round of Ghetto Golf.

Situated down in Digbeth, this is one of the latest additions to the growing and developing area, and with a locations right next to Digbeth Dining Club and the Custard Factory it is certainly going to be a success.

We started off whilst waiting for our tee time with one of their cocktails. These were wicked strong, and I was glad there was food and several hours between them and driving home that evening!

I was pretty impressed with the space and the decor, they really had gone all out with the neon and the graffiti and it was pretty atmospheric even at lunchtime.

The individual holes were really imaginative and there was always something to look at (whilst trying to ignore the fact that Lee was whipping my ass and glaring about it as he did!)


A really enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours! They do food too, as well as having a bar so a great place for a night out, as a couple or a group of friends. Definitely somewhere I would go again, and a great addition to Brum.

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