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    Imogen’s latest clothes haul!

    By now it’s probably obvious that since having Imogen I’ve become a little obsessed with clothes for tiny humans! She’s now 10 months old and has been in 9-12 month size clothes for the…

    20th June 2017
  • Family

    Bath time with Vital Baby

    Imogen is now just over 8 months old, and although she has always seemed to love being in the bath (apart from a 5 days wobble where she hated it!) she is now getting…

    17th April 2017
  • Family

    The Phil & Teds Lobster

    Since we eat out A LOT over here, ever since Imogen was big enough we’ve been trying to find a perfect portable high chair. Restaurant highchairs can be great, but more often than not…

    30th March 2017
  • Family

    Our weaning journey with Babease

    When we started weaning Imogen, about 7-8 weeks ago now I had every intention to be the mum that made all the food her baby ate. But it quickly became obvious that I cram…

    27th March 2017
  • Family

    The Minefield of Weaning

    I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I find that when trying to buy something, there is just too much choice. I’m one of those people that likes to do their research,…

    20th March 2017
  • Family Lifestyle

    Imogens' Wardrobe Wishlist

    Ok, so I realise when I entitled this blog post ‘Imogen’s Wardrobe Wishlist’ what I really should call it is ‘Mummy’s obsessed with baby clothes Wishlist’ as I’m pretty sure that my 5 month…

    9th January 2017